Riding across the borders of alchemy

Love is the Oxygen of the Soul : Anthony Robbins.

Riding across the borders of alchemy
From theory…
What is an alchemist? It is a person who understood that the material has a soul, and even a conscious mind; this is not an ordinary assembly of atoms that are mechanically assembled. Alchemy is nothing less than the “spiritual science of life.” The experimenter uses both the “elemental forces” (salamanders, sylphs, gnomes …) and the “elementary forces”: water, fire, earth, metal, and wood.
He captures the cosmic forces into himself, serves as a channel, and then transmits its prima materia which evolves in parallel. Because no one is able to transmute matter if she/he is not transmuted herself/ himself (Paracelsus).
Chemistry: considering material as mechanics.
Alchemy: considering material as living elements.
An alchemist combines the material to the consciousness.
Many scientists who have left their name in history were alchemists (Isaac Newton, Francis Bacon, Robert Boyle, Jean Baptiste Van Helmont, Nicolas Flamel …). The goal of the alchemist is not to transmute matter like the “official” thought would like us to believe. The true alchemist is the one who has understood that he interacts in symbiosis with the matter. This means that he is involved in the operation that he performs. While the matter is transformed, the operator is transforming as well. The operator aligns his vibrational frequency to the one of the material to make it transmute.
So, the alchemist uses the material as a carrier of his own inner transformation.
And it is only by transforming himself that he is able to transform matter (or rather to transmute it).
It is scientifically proven by quantum physicists that the operator does influence the experience (please, refer to the so-called experience “double slit”). Alchemists did not wait for the development of quantum physics to know it and to experiment it.
To summarize, an alchemist can transmute an element into a more elaborated one, only if he also transmutes himself. The Operator transmutes himself (altered state of consciousness) and causes the material to be transmuted with him. He can see his inner transformation’ progress by observing the matter.
Generally alchemists use metals as support. That is what the alchemist quest is all about.
… To practice
Water is my “Professor”, and I am his? There seems to be a free and creative dialogue, an intimate connection between the mind, the soul and the matter. During the experiments, we are interconnected and interdependent. I interact with it. It is my mirror and I am his.
The result depends on my mood … It’s not a coincidence! To verify this, let’s do the same experience (with a completely identical protocol) with two totally different states of minds, and let’s observe what happens.
If water is only a matter without life, without soul, the two experiences will give the same results. But if we do this experiment, we should see the contrary. Water proposes a partnership. There is a conscious and intelligent mind in matter (for information, Max Planck, one of the inventors of quantum mechanics also stated that this was the case). It is not a belief but a fact that one of the greatest scientists of the twentieth century has re-discovered. Material, water, as the universe are Mind. The atom is smart, it’s a magnet, the particle is a spirit.
Therefore, during experiments with water, one connects his mind to the one of the water. And together we evolve, we create … Water runs its course, following its path. By observing water, it sublimates. It is pure, instinctive as a child can be.
The greatest discoveries in water come true with a mindset of perfect peace (calm and relaxed).
The water brings to acquire this mindset by observing, being sensitive “to what she says.” By addressing water as a living being, by sending a simple and sincere intention that comes from the heart: In 2012, Masaru Emoto notices on a small crystal’s photo a similarity with my son: the photo has a mark on the right, my son has a dimple on the right … Sometimes, in water appear face’s shapes : swinging from side to side the screen of the microscope, it is possible to make the eyes move within the face…
How to create two almost identical hearts with the same water and on two different blades? Returning from the SPA to adopt a cat, the head of a cat appeared inside a crystal; Sample of water of an aquarium filled with scalar: a fish appears. In this state close and similar to meditation, I feel that the microscope acts as a printer or “vortex” uniting my mind, my soul to that of the water.
Examples: cover photo of the book I just read;
Water is also sensitive to music (video: Mozart and Water Copenhagen). Both Water and humans store and convey information in the form frequencies. This unreal world becomes a real one just by observing. Through my emotions, my thoughts, I am attracting what I feel at similar frequencies. Before going to take pictures, I must feel like feeling good (as if the microscope sent me a call), but behind the microscope, I forget everything, think of nothing, I switch the OFF button and let myself being transported into a new adventure. Taking a break from the reality. You just have to be natural, to be yourself, don’ take it so seriously, give a little boost, an intention ‘before’ but never ‘during’.
During that feeling, I sometimes forget to take photos of what I see, being unable to press the shutter button. The material can also break down inexplicably. Is it a job, a game? Shutting it down, “extinguish” our earthly connection as we turned off the TV to enter a parallel universe on the frequency of water. The EMPTY status (in French: VIDE anagram of DIEV- GOD) allows for incredible feats and transports us into a complete new dimension. The information would lie within the EMPTY and not within the material (full)? Would the EMPTY become a relay between information and matter? The ‘EMPTY’ like the matter are natural, linked to each other, and vital.
Would the present and the future keep the past in memory? This is a total surrender, by handing over its life to the hands of God, the Creator!
How can an empty atom create the solid world around us? The atomic particles are made of billions of sub-atoms! Memory is stored in all atoms, deep down into the matter, deep down into the energy.
The energy gets into a material form to create small magnets that rotate (microcosm) along the lines of the planetary system (macrocosm). There’s no matter, only magnets, it is the magnetic duality (yin / yang): the Spirit! One single Spirit, one single Energy, one God! The Earth would not turn on itself if it was not a magnet! The creative principle within us is the pursuit of the absolute, of the infinite. The call of the infinite is permanent even if the impossible resist to it and it is this resistance which gives rise to the body and its inertia of material appearance. The endless run of zero to infinity is zero, because it cannot be something, otherwise it would be set.
Consciousness never disappears! Our blooming goes through the act of recognizing ourselves as Creators. Creators of our past, creators of the sun and the stars. Our mind does everything for us not to understand, making us believe otherwise!
The hardest part in life is to understand its simplicity and to live it. Not to understand it intellectually, but to live it instinctively, as we do behind a microscope. Would the same experiments done with different operators, or without operators give the same results? It all depends on the purity of the channel into which the energy will go through. (A person who has troubles experiencing EMC will disturb the results, while a happy person will have a smoother results. I think the best microscope is the look that is placed at the bottom of our heart.
What is hot? It is agitated particles.
What is cold? Particles at rest.
What is the matter? Agitated vibrations (permanent move)
What is the mind? A state of rest.
What do we do when we are cooling water? Does water in solid state becomes pure again?
We are taking photos of our soul (our essence)!
The spirit of the water is its “essence”. It is a permanent rest.
The visible water is its “form”. It is a permanent move.
O in Er also said “O in R” and to summarize it is the Gold (‘Or’ in French) that is searched for in alchemy.
In French: O : Water + R : Air = OR (Gold)
Gold is the principle of the fire element, the creative fire. We should qualify it ‘water of liquid light’.
The thought is fluid as light and water. The water permeates from the object’ frequency, it will recall what happened.
Research shows that thinking affects the water and the water retains this change. Water in turn affects everything it uses.
Can we detect similar properties and features in common with interesting applications such as communication? Our body is made of approximately 80% of water (more or less according to the organs and age), it is likely that our thoughts, both positive and negative affect the water which is in turn reflected back to us. It has been well demonstrated in psychology that negative thoughts affect health. Perhaps the effect of the water in our body is one of the reasons that this happens? The important lesson from this research is that thoughts are powerful and affect us. It is essential to ensure that our thoughts are positive thoughts!
If this research can serve as a base, as an inspiration, I will be very happy.
“A thought is one thing, a physical thing, it emits physical particles” Albert Einstein.
Water is the Great Universal principle of creation, representing the universal magnetism. This is the great principle of Love.
The spirit of God was hovering over the waters! The Bible, Genesis.

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