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 Born in 1965, Laurent Costa is a nature lover.

After long years in Romanic Switzerland, Laurent the watchmaker means living in his native country.

Attached to the environmental protection and particularly to the quality of the water him decides to make his message pass: ” The hour is for the awareness of our world heritage. ” The purpose is to put a lot into the education of the protection and to have a better management of the water by simple and free gestures.

What testimony to create an impact and draw the attention?

Out of curiosity, to push the limits of the unknown and to illustrate his project, he chooses the microscope to show the heart of the water as a radioscopy. A little water on a box of molded, he captures crystals: no matter the origin of ” the blue Gold “: tap water, bottle, sea, pond, river, source(spring), mineral…

His technique : With a backpack, eyes wide open as a kid, to discover new mysteries. Look for the pleasure to the pure state and find the magic of the present moment.

Prolonging its passion which makes naitre in him the desire tested, photographed or filmed the other natural subjects.
His work: let go, let the water naturally express observe without experience, to create a dimension in which communication is possible.

Laurent shows the heart of the water like a ray with a simple microscope. It scans the conscious and the unconscious memory of the mysterious water, to discover their dreams and emotions. Acting as a bridge between the unit and the water, like a mirror, the water reflects his thinking.

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