What if the water had a message to convey? What information would it give away?

There are so many different forms to be observed in a drop of water.

What would the water say if we decided to photograph it with appropriate microscopes (like an x-ray) at the heart of his intimacy?

Without applying any scientific protocol, without performing any particular task, just by freezing a little drop of water on a glass slide, Laurent COSTA can take photographs within seconds of the water and the crystals that formed. He does obtain surprising images.
Water being a neutral matrix, it gives us answers on what it is.
Is it a simple assembly of atoms? Or, is it a mirror that might reflect humanity and its actions?
In this case, does it have a message for us?

Water as a human guard and convey frequencies form of information.
Like a radio, water is an excellent transceiver. You just need to find the right channel.
Thus, water is giving away many of its secrets.
Human brain is made of water by more than 90%. Can we detect in there some similar properties and characteristics along with interesting usages?
As of today, science tends to be more and more aware of the ties that bind the experimenter to the object of the experiment. By nature, both seem related and dependent on each other.
Could water induce that a communication can be established between the photographer and the water itself?
Is questing for water a way of searching for our origins?

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