Frequency : Water

The Universe has connected itself to Water in order to give birth to life.

Our thinking process, our intuitions and our knowledge are connected, they allow us to create and evolve.

Nature offers with subtlety different electromagnetic waves close to the human being in a way which make some of them beneficial, eventually medicinal. We get ill when we walk away from Nature.

Science is a patchwork of elements like a puzzle, unfolding gradually questioning itself.

The wavelengths dedicated to electric machines and electronic devices jam at different frequencies: WiFi, wimax, computer, radio, radar, tv, wireless phone, microwaves…

Science knows waves effects on life forms.

GSM network antennas are installed on some water tanks.

Nature itself, human beings, animals are all made of water.

Living cells vibrate and communicate with each other.

Could they be sensitive to foreign waves? Would it change their own electromagnetic signature? Would these alien frequencies alter their proper vibratory frequencies and therefore their inter cellular communication?

Today, are we capable of “decoding” those intrinseque waves and electromagnetic abnormalities?

It would be interesting to do independent neutral, multidisciplinary in depth studies, aimed at analysing the outcome of those “places filed with alien waves”

Protecting the water tanks maybe?

We are remotely connected to someone, something, without any conscious intention or knowledge. This phenomenon goes both ways. Is that by chance?

It only takes to get closer to Nature to communicate with it and with water which is its medium.

Thinking about something in front of a water drop between two microscope blade and getting its image: an image of a fish (ref: Journey through the core of Water) this is a form of communication with nature through water.

Or watching a result like a smiley (ref: Journey through the core of Water) following the same protocol without even looking for it (or consciously thinking about it) is another exemple.

Today, are we asking ourselves the right questions ?

If the water, as a living materiel is sensitive to waves, why installing antenna right next to it ?

Waves do have an impact on water and life forms, with a similar observation method. It is without any computer near to the microscope and without mobile phone network coverage that the best results arise. One exception: an after noon of observation made at the CNRS (French National Scientific Research Agency), in front of a computer, (mobile phone network coverage had not been checked), there has been a positive result (the shape of a heart).

Do we know everything about water, waves and the mix of both or do we need to evolve and undergo new investigation?

Clarifying, classifying situations in order to get a better coherence and find solutions to take care of water.

We are told that it is not good to expose ourself to GSM network antenna. Why do we put them on water tank as we know water is at the origin of life then?
Let’s use the precaution principle.

“There is no worse blind men than the one who do not want to see” (French saying)

“The lack of proof is not a proof of lack” Carl Sagan

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