Water drop or crystal ball?

We believe only what our eyes can see.
When we drive a car, we know where we come from (past), where we are, in detail, (present) and where we are going (future).
By rising to the sky, we would have a broader view of our destination, of the events, binding in synchronicity.
Is it possible, by just using the thought to see further in a drop of water as we do in a crystal ball?
Thought is the cause of what will manifest physically in the visible world. It connects to the potentialities of existence. And they are infinite.
The thought is connected to all the possibilities.
Or is it enough to find the right channel? Just a conscious intention?
If we are not in tune, is it possible to send multiple frequencies simultaneously?
On the other hand, when consciousness looks at its potential, it chooses one and it will be the one that happens. Thus, there is an infinity of possibilities but only one which appears at a given time (see the double slit experiment).

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