Journey into the heart of water

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april 2013

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Concerned with the preservation of the environment and especially the quality of the water, he decided to dedicate himself to this field of activity.Is it time to become aware of our World Heritage?
This is, at least, the message that Laurent wishes to convey. The goal is to invest time and efforts in the education and the protection of nature, to better manage water through small and simple everyday gestures, and also to provide everyone with an access to drinking water.
But how can we draw attention to this particular theme?
To make his action fun and original, Laurent chose to use the microscope.
What if the water had a message to convey? What would it be? A few information about water:

What would the water say if we decided to photograph it (like an x-ray) at the heart of his intimacy with appropriate microscopes?

It was to answer this question that Laurent became an atypical photographer.

Without applying any scientific protocol, without performing any particular task, by just freezing a little drop of water on a box of molded, he takes photographs of the crystals and then of the water itself. Previously, he noted the source of the water and works in blind. He is interested by all types of waters.

His technique: to seek pleasure in its purest form and to find the magic of the moment. His work: to let go, to let the water express itself in its most natural manner, to observe without conducting any experiment, to create a dimension in which communication becomes possible. He scrutinizes the conscious and the unconscious sides of the mysterious memory of water to discover his dreams and emotions. Acting as a bridge between the device and the water, like a mirror, the water reflects his deepest thoughts.
How did this idea come to him? This question will probably never be answered. This is not important, because as so well said Blaise Pascal, “the heart has its reasons that the reason does not know.”
Will the water ever unveil its true nature?
Is it a simple assembly of atoms? Or is it a mirror that might reflect humanity and / or what humanity is inflicting upon it?
In this case, does it have a message to tell us?
Does this Blue Gold, essential to life, with characteristics similar to ones of the humans share a connection with them?
It is said that water “flows naturally from the source.” But what source are we talking about? Isn’t it with our own source that we connect when we are connecting with water?
As of today, science tends to be more and more aware of the ties that bind the experimenter to the object of the experiment. Both seem related and dependent of each other.
Does this might induce that a communication can be established between the photographer and the water cells? Laurent is the point of interface between the water and the camera? Traditions tell us that our material world originated from water.
Is questing for water a way of searching for our origins?
Laurent Costa offers you to share his quest by giving you the benefit of his unique and original perspective. His photographs are evidence of his research at the heart of the water and everyone is free to experience them from his own personal way…
There are so many different forms to be observed in a drop of water.
Meeting with Masaru Emoto.
The crystals pictures were taken during the very cold winter of 2011 – 2012. All photos are cropped. The macro pictures are from January 2014.
Despite some experience, as an observer, not a scientist, my arguments are to be taken with caution. The beginner’s luck, or a simple coincidence?
“I know that I know nothing about the water, as about the world.” Socrates.
The more science advances, the more it gives reason to nature.

Thanks, Viktor Schauberger, Vinh et Claudine Luu, Dominique Kubler, Peyo Petit, Jacques Collin, Mae-Wan Ho, Rolland R Conte, Henri Berliocchi, Yves Lasne, Didier Salvignol, Françoise Capgras, Arthur Hoeberechts, Veda Austin, Anton Fedorenko, Jeanne Rousseau, René Peoc’h, Olivier Costa de Beauregard, Rupert Sheldrake, Bruce Lipton, Martin Chaplin, Hiro et Masaru Emoto, Johann Grander, Claude Cohen-Tannoudji, John Bell, Ukichiro Nakaya, Alexander Gurwitch, Anton Zellinger, Hugh Everett, Richard Feynman, Venkata Raman, Werner Heisenberg, Isaac Newton, Max Planck, Francis Bacon, Robert Boyle, Jean Baptiste Van Helmont, Antoine Laurent de Lavoisier, Anthony Van Leuuwenhoeck, Joseph Antoine Ferdinand Plateau…

Favorite Quotes:

‘Live on love and fresh water.’
‘My fondest memories are those of the future.’ Salvador Dali.
‘Glasses of water do have the same passions as oceans.’ Victor Hugo.
‘The body is an inscription on water.’ Tamil proverb.
‘Chance should change its name and meaning, if all this was due to chance.’
‘Science is an art, water is the artist.’
‘Water powder, just add water to get water.’


My eyes are blind, he must look with the heart.

‘You’re not necessary for life, you are life!!’
‘You are the greatest wealth in the world, and you are also the most delicate.’
‘You, so pure to the belly of the Earth …’
Antoine De Saint-Exupéry “Terre des hommes.”

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