After years in French Switzerland, Laurent Costa, the clock maker, comes back in his city Béziers. Photographer extraordinaire, Laurent offers you to join him on a microscopic odyssey in water and invites you to discover the memory of water. In the beyond of its unconscious it reveals its dreams and imperceptible emotions. Water seems to reflect the observer and be his “spring” according to traditions. Following his first book in 2013 Voyage au Coeur de l’Eau, we are invited again to dive deep in the heart of water, but wouldn’t that also be a deep dive oneself?

As a child in a fairy-tale, I learn how to live in a new world. My wonderment gazing on the beauty of the crystals’ hidden messages is so powerful that I forget my body floating transcended by these sights.
Water, unique and indomitable storyteller has granted me the role to gift these wonders with you. Today I want to share this passion with you. We’re made of this magical water, it is everywhere around us and gives life to all.

Let’s travel with this testimony in the crystalline world of water droplet. Let us overflow the vase of passion and sacralise this life-giving element. For entertainment I photograph water and highlight its creations. I let water improvise, so that the mystery of creation runs its course and awake our curiosity to science and art.

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